... serving one another in love

Spiritual Ministries

The Local Churches

The ministry of HHH is primarily done thru the local church and we presently partner with 10 community churches.  This ministry other then the typical church activities is also done in the following manner:

  • Pastors and Youth Conference - One of the greatest needs requested by our Haitian friends is for Biblical training for their Pastors, church leaders and the youth.  Christ Covenant Church of Raleigh, NC has led bi-annual training conferences since 2006

  • Bible camps- - Various communities typically have a summer Bible Camp for their youth.

  • Adult Literacy - Many of our churches offer an adult literacy program using the Bible as the reading text. This has helped the church members grow spiritually and has been an effective outreach for reaching their communities with the Good News!

  • Elderly Food Assistance - Thru collaboration with food from Stop Hunger Now, our churches distribute packets of food to the elderly. The New Revelation Churches prepare food and have a special service for the elderly in their communities.

  • Education Assistance - The secondary school youth serving in their home church qualify to receive assistance with their school tuition. In the 2013-2014 school year, we are also assisting 11 of our church youth with up to 80% of their university tuition.

Emergency Relief
Sadly, Haiti has encountered many disasters and our relief efforts are all done thru the local churches. As our church folk walk thru the disasters with their own families. they as also eager to serve one another during these difficult times.

January 12, 2010 a 7.0 earthquake hit this island, killing nearly 300,000 people. Though our community only experienced a tremor, over 133,000 people were estimated to have moved back to our area from the capital. Haitian and North American churches partnered together, assisting the community by delivering hot meals to the patients and family members in the hospital, filling their prescriptions, providing hygienic items and offering to pray and comfort them; renting homes for many families that had returned; constructing homes for 4 families that owned land in the area; accepting relocated students into our schools, accepting about a dozen children who had lost their parents in the earthquake into our children's home, offering scholarships to 81 relocated young adults to attend classes at our vocational school; and collecting crutches and wheelchairs that were forwarded to another agency for distribution.

September 2008, hurricanes Hannah and Ike hit our region in the same week. Our churches assisted by immediately distributing cash to over 650 families to purchase basic essentials and food and constructing many homes for families over the next few years.

Spring and Summer 2008, hunger hit our community due to failed gardens and rising food prices. Rice was purchased in a large quantity and our church leaders delivered it to the families most affected in our communities.

September 18, 2004, hurricane Jeane devasted our area and over 3,000 people perished.  We assisted over 200 families, sent in a medical team and also provided the building supplies needed for 40 families to construct new homes.

Mission Ventures

Our ministry leaders, youth and churches in Haiti are always eager to welcome and host teams from America who come to learn, share and grow together in Christ. There is great interaction as we play, work, teach and learn together as well as share testimonies of the Lord's work in our lives. There is also a great opportunity to see the ministry of HHH first hand in Haiti for American travelers as well as share their talents, collect needed items and meet their sponsored child. Many long lasting relationships are formed and strengthened during these visits. Everyone is encouraged to share of their blessing and experience as they return home.