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A home for female graduates of the Children's home was completed in September, 2014.

Centre de Formation et Nutrition des Enfants
(a.k.a. CFNE or Children's Training & Nutrition Center)

House of Hope

Children's Home

In the mid 1990’s, God gave Pere a vision to take care of children in need as his heart was tugged each time he saw the children begging in town.  Sharing this calling with others, he realized that Brother Philippe and Milo had the same passion to assist youth in need. God provided partners along the way and in 1996, land was purchased in Poteau.  A boy’s home was constructed and the first 30 boys moved in on March 31, 1997. A girl’s home was constructed later and 20 girls moved into here in February 1999.

The Children’s Training and Nutrition Center has been home to 70 youth for quite a few years now.  Each one has an opportunity for spiritual discipleship and training, to attend school, enjoy nutritious meals, participate in vocational training and to live in a pleasant and safe Christian environment.  The youth leave the home at age 20 and we continue to provide assistance with education thru secondary school and university.  Our first two young men have graduated from university with a medical and education degree and several more are set to graduate soon with business, agronomy and diplomacy degrees.  A number of the young ladies do not have a safe place to go upon ‘graduating’ from the home.  The House of Hope is presently under construction whereby they will have a safe place to continue preparing for independence.

The children’s home is blessed with Robinson as the director and a dedicated team of house parents and staff, each with a passion to nurture these youth with the Lord’s love.

Funding is primarily received through 5 sponsorships per youth at $25/month.  Sponsors are encouraged to visit and communicate with their youth via letters and cards.  The children are eager to receive these notes and visits and also pray for their sponsors on a regular basis.